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Pollard Per Se Grapes


Pollard Per Se

In our wanderings over the years, my partner and I had been making observations and collecting ideas on what our ideal vineyard might look like, and throwing those thoughts into a basket.

When a site became available near the hamlet of Zillah Washington (a piece of raw ground with the perfect slope and location with the added gift of looking out towards Mount Rainier and Mount Adams) we took the basket off the shelf and put our ideas into the ground.

10 acres, to our way of thinking, was an ideal size in order to fully express our vineyard ideology – not too big and not too small -- allowing us to employ the latest in trellising technology, clonal selection, focused watering system, and concentrated plantings. 

All this combined with a healthy respect for the 50 years of vineyard development in the Yakima Valley that pre-dates us, and the farming heritage of my family rooted in the soils of Nebraska and Iowa, Pollard Vineyard, is the culmination of a dream come true. 

Named in honor of my parents, Kathleen and Oren Pollard, third-generation farmers who taught me the value of caring for the land, the rewards of hard work, and the joy of success, this vineyard is designed to carry on their legacy.


-Robin Pollard




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