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Aeropress Brewing- Daniels go-to brew method

My favorite way to brew coffee at home (or on the go) is to use an Aeropress. Its clean, fast, I can use it any where, and I've been able to get consistency even when I'm not precise.

An Aeropress is a piston style style brewer that forces coffee through a small filter directly into the cup. It is a single cup brewer, which may not be ideal for an every day method, but it's perfect for trying out a new bag of coffee with out making a whole pot, or for at the office and camping.

The way I am going to walk you through how to use an Aeropress is the way I've adapted it to work for me. No scale to take out each time, and less steps. This method will brew 1 mug of American style coffee. If you research, there are many different ways to use an Aeropress, and several different drinks you can make including espresso, cold brew, and lattes.

You will need:

- Aeropress chamber with the filter and filter cap in place (rinsed)

- Aeropress plunger

- A mug or your drinking vessel of choice

- Aeropress scoop

- Aeropress stir paddle

- Aeropress funnel

- 1 scoop of your coffee of choice (Pollard) finely ground (I measure before I grind)

- Hot water (175 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit)

- Stopwatch


1: After you have your Aeropress filter inserted into the the cap and chamber, place over mug and rinse with hot water. This removes any paper taste and preheats the brewer and the vessel. Dump rinse water.

2. Using the funnel, add your finely ground coffee into the chamber

3. Add hot water up to the 4th line and stir using the paddle for 10 seconds.

4. Place plunger into chamber and let brew for 1 minute. Make sure plunger has a good seal and no coffee is draining into your mug.

5. After your minute is up, press down gently until all coffee is extracted (aim to be finished at after about 40 seconds of pressing)

6. That's it. Your coffee is ready.

Clean up is easy, just toss grounds and filter, and rinse equipment. I like to use the remaining hot water from my kettle to rinse the pieces.

Thanks for reading all! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about different brew methods!


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