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Farming is not for the Faint of Heart

There are many aspects of farming that can bring great joy. The smell of freshly

cut hay, watching the sun set over your field, and the sense of independence. It

can also be the root of personal stress -- unpredictable weather, market

fluctuations, or unanticipated equipment costs.

I witnessed this growing up on our family farm and seeing the pride in my Dad’s

face when looking out onto a beautiful field of corn, or the furrowed brows of my

parents when there was no rainfall for weeks on end during peak growing season.

More recently, when I decided to plant a vineyard, there were many decisions to

make that could determine its fate between mediocre or world class. All in all, it

has been a successful venture and fills me with pride as I look out onto the hills of

vines. But then there are moments when you ask yourself “why am I doing this”?

Take last Spring. On April 22nd , 2022, I receive an email from Patrick, my trusted

vineyard manager, informing me that temperatures hit a low of

26 degrees just at bud break and that my vineyard was hit hard, potentially losing 85% of my

Cabernet Franc and Merlot crop. I immediately informed my grape customers who were very empathetic and supportive. It was an anxious growing season waiting to see how the vines responded to our canopy management plan and or was Mother Nature going to be kinder come summer and fall.

Thankfully, between the combination of Patrick and his team’s skills and

expertise, moderate summer temperatures, and an extended time for fruit to

ripen, we ended up with both the tonnage and quality that we had come to

expect from this vineyard.

So, as I often mutter to myself that “farming is not for the faint of heart” it does

makes you appreciate all the factors that go into it (within and outside your

control). So, when you sit down with that glass of wine, pay a tribute to farmers

around the world.

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