*NEW* Ethiopia

*NEW* Ethiopia


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 1 Natural Chelelektu Lot 2

Grower: Coffee producers organized around the Chelelektu mill

Variety: Indigenous heirloom cultivars

Region: Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Regional State, Ethiopia

Harvest: October – December

Altitude: 1850 – 2150 meters

Soil: Luvisols

Process: Full natural and dried on raised beds

This bright, floral Yirgacheffe is sourced from family owned farms located near the Chelelektu Mill in the Kochere micro-region. Regarded as one of the best origins for southern Ethiopian coffee due to the high altitude, iron-rich, acidic soil. These coffees are grown between 1850-2150 meters and are naturally processed on raised beds.

Look for notes of strawberry, apricot, blackberry, and honey.

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